Techical Interaction Design (TID) - A Brief Course Overview

The course is a high-intensity interface design traning (HIIDT) course in which we have you learn bout both the design and the implementation of interactive web applications.

When designing an interactive app, you have to think about your user, understand their needs, and you have to be able to use visual design principles and usabilty principles in order to create a useful and usable application.

However, usabilty is more general than just UI design. It’s in everything that surrounds us. Becoming more attentive to usability is going to make all of you more grumpy: it will open your eyes to good and bad design decisions, and you’ll see more of the bad ones that surround us.

Then there is the details and design that are specific for UI design. And then there are those who are specific for Web applications.

And when you think it’s over, there’s comes the implementation part. We’ll introduce you to

Finally, you’ll get the chance to practice all these new concepts in a group project that combines everything: you start from a brief project description, you decide what is the particular class of users that you want to support, you design it and you

It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun. Given that the course covers a broad set of topics, we can’t go too much into detail into every one. But you will definitely have a fundament for doing it all over again in a thesis project later. I had students who after taking TID went on to implement