📝 Ubiquitous Monitoring Ecosystems

The Story

I wrote a paper for the Ecosystem Architectures event (WEA’16) about the design of an ecosystem of applications which monitor a learner’s interactions with knowledge.

“An unconventional idea for an ecosystem, which shows well that there are many more opportunities to benefit from the ecosystem idea, than the various industrial applications. The concrete examples of the platform and the applications make the ideas tangible and well understandable. I particularly like the discussions of the lessons learned […]”

This was a very nice review to read.

The other reviews were also positive so the paper was accepted for presentation at WEA (Workshop on Ecosystem Architectures) that will take place in Copenhagen and is colocated with ECSA.

The Paper

The paper talks about some of the challenges and opportunities that come with bootstrapping a ubiquitous monitoring ecosystem. It is a case study inspired from our Zeeguu ecosystem.

The paper is available online

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