🎉 Nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award

I have been nominated for the teacher of the year award! Especially after seeing all the other nominations I started feeling like I don’t deserve the honor. However, it is also true that together with my team, we put a lot of effort in coming up with cool project ideas and running them in the timespan of five months.

Thus, many thanks and congratulations for my teaching assistants: Laura Baakman, Jeroen Brandsma, Georgios Digkas, Sybren Gjaltema, Jelle van Wezel, Angelo Karountzos, Alexander Lukjanenkovs.

I’ve been long due to write up the lessons learned during the most recent software engineering courses. Now I feel the duty to do it even more. Hopefully before I start the next batch!

And now for the impossible challenge: can you spot me in the picture? lala