“Social media companies aim to colonize every minute of our lives”. (Bo Burnham )

Aiki-do is a martial art that is based on the precept of using an enemy’s force against themselves.

This project considers the social media websites as the enemy that aims to waste our time. In the aiki-way, the project proposes that we can make use of our tendency to go to these time-wasting web sites. Indeed, if we intercept our attempts to go to such a website and use it as reminder for doing something useful, e.g. learning we can using th enemy’s force against themselves.


Aiki: Turning Procrastination into Microlearning - A study with Nanna Inie - Shows that people who want to learn Danish can use redirection from time-wasting-websites as a strategy and cue to remember that they should learn - Our participants learned quite a bit of Danish and some of them actually found the learning a better use of their time than the ‘mindless’ scrolling on Facebook


A Chrome extension that helps one save time by redirecting them to a useful site when they try to go to a time-wasting site. Useful and time-wasting are user defined.

Future Work