“Social media companies aim to colonize every minute of our lives”. (Bo Burnham)


Aiki is a martial arts principle that allows a practitioner to redirect an opponent’s power back against themselves.

Aiki is also a browser extension that considers social media (and other time-wasting websites) as the oponent that needs to be fought back against.

This project helps an internet user take advantage of their habits of visiting time-wasting web sites and consider the (often involuntary) impulses of visiting the said websites as a reminder for doing something useful, e.g. learning Danish or getting better at programming in Python. What is useful for each user, it is up to them to decide.

Nanna Inie directed an amazing video showcasing Aiki for our CHI’21 presentation.

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CHI’23: Challenges and Opportunities of Using Redirection of Activity for Self-Regulation Online

CHI’21: Aiki: Turning Procrastination into Microlearning

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