Dansk in Town

(Still from the Simpsons episode Throw Grandpa to the Dane. A wonderful lighthearted description of Copenhagen).

Dansk in town is a research project in which we aim to understand whether we can augment the experience of foreigners in Denmark in such a way as to make every trip in town a learning experience. It’s an app, and a concept.

A prototype of the system was implemented by Mircea in React, and then Patrycja Zawrotniak, as part of her master thesis, has ported it to React Native and evaluated it with users for several weeks. Based on the discussions with the users, we learned that:

Ideas for Student Projects

To bring the project to the next level, several directions should be investigated:


Try out the current app on your phone:


Code is available as open source on GitHub


The thesis of Patrycja, has much more information about the project: