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Using Git-Truck for Spotting Badly Structured Systems

Your students have implemented a beautiful interactive application in React that provides school kids with the opportunity to practice mathematics exercises. It all looks beautiful from a UI POV. You don’t have much time to look into the details of the codebase, so you fire up Git-Truck and look at the files that have the most commits. You get the image below. What do you investigate first?

Indeed, the MultipleChoice.js has by far the largest number of commits. You look into it and discover almost 1K LOC and 109 commits. It is a God Class if ever was one. It does so much more than model a multiple-choice component should do. It should have been refactored into dozen subcomponents and functions. You use this class to start discussing the codebase with the students.

How to replicate this case study?

git clone https://github.com/MathsCamp/MathsCamp.git
npx git-truck@latest