📝 Ubiquitous Monitoring Ecosystems

I wrote a paper for the Ecosystem Architectures event (WEA’16) about the design of an ecosystem of applications which monitor a learner’s interactions with knowledge.

My favorite reviewer for this paper says:

“An unconventional idea for an ecosystem, which shows well that there are many more opportunities to benefit from the ecosystem idea, than the various industrial applications. The concrete examples of the platform and the applications make the ideas tangible and well understandable. I particularly like the discussions of the lessons learned”

📝 Mapping the Open Information Economy

“A nobel prize is waiting for the one who visualizes the economy of information” (Steward Brand, The Media Lab)

In this paper (pdf, Bibtex) we look at StackOverflow as an exchange market for software engineering knowledge. We learn among others that EU has more answers than the US but then, on the other hand, US has more reputation.