Using a Performance Monitor to Illustrate the Importance of Database Indexes

This is a case study / story in which i highlight two things that might be useful for junior and even more advanced software engineers alike:

  • An internal performance monitor enables quick analysis of service performance
  • Database indexes are easy and powerful tools for performance enginering

Starting as Associate at IT University in Copenhagen

🎉 Nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award

I have been nominated for the teacher of the year award! Especially after seeing all the other nominations I started feeling like I don’t deserve the honor. However, it is also true that together with my team, we put a lot of effort in coming up with cool project ideas and running them in the timespan of five months. Thus, many thanks and congratulations for my teaching assistants: Laura Baakman, Jeroen Brandsma, Georgios Digkas, Sybren Gjaltema, Jelle van Wezel, Angelo Karountzos, Alexander Lukjanenkovs.

New Course: Introduction to Data Science

Visiting Researcher at University of Chile