Zeeguu is a project that aims to support learners of foreign languages accelerate the acquisition of their vocabulary by a three-pronged approach:

  1. finding relevant articles on the net for them
  2. supporting their reading with translation and pronunciation support
  3. strengthening retention with the use of automatically and personally generated vocabulary exercises

The architecture of Zeeguu includes both a browser extension and a web application that communicate with each other.


As We May Study: Towards the Web as a Personalized Language Textbook - in this paper we introduce the project - we report on a study of using it in a highschool French class in the Netherlands - students love and take advantage of the chance of reading on the topics that they like

Bootstrapping an ubiquitous monitoring ecosystem for accelerating vocabulary acquisition - a paper that presents a generic ecosystem architecture of which Zeeguu is an instantiation

Analyzing user interactions to estimate reading time in web-based L2 reader applications - paper with Nora Hollenstein - we describe how one can estimate reading time on the web when they study free reading in the wild

Future Work